The entire amount of the tuition will be required in postdated cheques dated for the first of each month and made payable to Calvary Christian School. This fund is used on an on-going basis to cover pizza days, skating days, field trip, etc. A 3% tuition discount applies. Explore Calvary's three unique fundraising entities and our annual giving opportunties and events, Calvary strives to offer reasonable tuition for all of our programs. Discover Calvary's developmentally appropriate Preschool program where children, View Calvary's annual tuition, fees and financial assistance opportunities, Calvary strives for100% participationin the Annual Fund, whichsupports all areas of the school. CCHS utilizes the services of FACTS Tuition Management Company to determine financial assistance eligibility. Financial Aid portal opens March 1, 2022. A 10% discount will be applied for each additional child. Option A: Payment in full by ACH through FACTS. CCHS will notify the family of the tuition assistance award, if applicable. Due August 24th, 2022 and January4t4th, 2023. One-time fee $1,000 for all new students in TK-8th grade. Option E: Monthly payment plan through FACTS by credit card or ACH. (Note: Exceptions may be made on an individual basis based on the application submitted.). . Calvary offers up to 50% tuition assistance for children in TK-8th grade. Please email, Uniforms are required for all students in TK-8th grade. There are additional fees for 8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip, special field trips, student clubs, additional materials for specialized classes, competitive athletics, school pictures, cheerleading and music. We utilize the services of FACTS Tuition Management Company (FACTS) to determine tuition assistance eligibility. The school offers a limited participation payment. ) if you have any questions. Hot lunch is available 5 days per week for students in Preschool 3 - 8th grade. We believe the investment in an education at Calvary Christian High School will yield a lifetime of returns. Additional deposits to this fund may be required throughout the year. faculty elementary joel Upon approval by the Committee, notice of tuition assistance will be provided . $25 per child is charged for students applying to Junior Kindergarten. We are committed to surrounding our students with the teachers and tools to enable success and encourage a life of significance in Christ. *Families making monthly payments must submit payment through FACTS. Option C: Half of annual tuition by ACH through FACTS. Additional deposits to the fund may be required throughout the year. The school board/administration reserves the right to review all donations and accept or reject them at its discretion. New Families: The FACTS tuition assistance application can be submitted within two weeks following admission to Calvary Academy. There are no uniforms for Preschool. Students will beequipped and intellectually prepared to live their lives with a Biblical perspective. Payments may be received in ten-month payments. Please contact Alexandra Frank in the finance office (732-363-1655 or Students and parent/guardians alike must understand that it is a privilege for the student to attend Calvary Christian School. Financial Assistance awards will be reflected in the Enrollment Contract and the tuition payments will be adjusted accordingly. Tuition assistance must be applied for annually. Parents are required to give written notice, of change or withdrawal of a student from the school, two weeks prior to the actual date of leaving or changing programs. Family participation is expected so it is fair and equitable. Receipts can also be given for gifts in kind. i.e. Please note that the filing deadline for financial assistance requests for the 2023-2024 school year is. Calvary does not offer tuition assistance for our Preschool Program. For further explanation of Fees, please see the section below: We realize a Christian education is a significant financial investment; therefore, we have established financial assistance for mission-compatible students whose families desire to partner with Calvary Christian High School for their child's high school education and have financial need. Over $175,000 in tuition assistance is available for qualifying families. It is a ministry. Due August 10th, 2022 and January 10th,22023. The following information is provided in order to make this process as simple as possible. if an item is donated to the school the value of the item is receiptable. CCS offers payment plans to make affording Christian education fit within your budget. All money donations are fully receiptable. You may submit a FACTS application for tuition assistance by selecting the following link: Tuition assistance is based on the availability of funds and demonstration of need. But money IS important, and tuition is an investment in the life of your child. Families may choose to pay tuition at the beginning of the school year in full, make semi-annual payments in June and January or spread tuition payments over the course of the year in monthly installments. No tuition discount and credit card fees apply. There are no ongoing annual fees for technology at Calvary. Every effort is made to keep the tuition cost affordable while working to accomplish our vision. This fee will be included in the student contract. Financial information is considered strictly confidential and has no effect on the admissions decision. Due August 24th, 2022. For questions and inquiries please contact the Director of Admissions. The principal and the teachers will review all applications. Families may be charged prime plus two percent (prime + 2%) for all balances in arrears for periods greater than 30 days. Option B: Payment in full by credit card through FACTS. All other considerations are secondary. All rights reserved. A fee of $250 charged for each student to cover the cost of curriculum. All tuition for the school year must be paid by May 16. To apply for Financial Aid please go toFACTS Financial Aid and complete an application. *Application Fee is non-refundable and due when application is submitted. Students applying to Calvary Christian School will be admitted on the condition that they are capable of maintaining standards as set forth by the school. Tuition, paid in full at the beginning of the year, will be refunded based on this policy. Financial Aid is awarded based on financial need and availability on a first-come first-serve basis. Students who qualify for the income-based Family Empowerment Scholarship may be considered for admission at Calvary. To qualify you must complete a ministry discount application form, available through the school office, to be considered for this discount. Tuition refunds are issued by term only. Option D: Half of annual tuition by credit card through FACTS. No tuition discount for monthly plan and credit card fees apply. Account must be in good standing or an administrative approved plan must be in place to be eligible for re-enrollment. Pastor/Christian Educator DiscountPastor/Christian worker discount applicants must meetministry eligibility requirements. There are no fees for instruments used as part of Calvarys regular music classes. Please make sure to enter Calvary's school code (2178) when completing the financial assistance application. Multiple Child Discounts:Full tuition is charged for the child enrolled at the highest grade level. The Calvary Christian School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. Failure to continue in right attitude or conduct will constitute grounds for dismissal. A 3% tuition discount applies. All students are expected to adhere to the same level of academic achievement for graduation and behavior expectations as set forth in our Parent-Student Handbook. At Calvary Christian School, we strongly believe that Christian education is not a commodity. Applications are available online. Please call Krystal Shelton in the business office at (310) 573-0082 X126 or, Calvary is proud of our rich history of academic excellence, Christian values, leadership and service, impacting lives for over 25 years, Calvary appreciates and celebrates parent participation, believing that parents and educators are partners in each child's development, Explore how Calvary's students consistently make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, Calvary students are encouraged to explore and pursue their unique interests and passions through the arts, explore, learn and engage in the world around them, Calvary's Kindergarten program develops an academic foundation and love of learning, equipping students for years to come, Calvary's Elementary School provides an environment which nurtures each child's academic and personal excellence, The goal of our Middle School program is to develop critical thinkers prepared to enter top high schools and become future leaders, Learn about the requirements and deadlines that are part of Calvary's admissions process and complete the online application. It is a commitment. * Definition of full-time ministry - Sole source of income is from church and/or faith support. The Calvary Parent Association collects annual dues, donations for a fund to purchase birthday and year-end teacher gifts, as well as general donations. A forty percent (40%) discount is available to any pastor or individual in full time ministry. Proceed to Student Application Information. Due August 10th, 2022. Calvary Christian High School - All Rights Reserved. Calvary Christian School is a non-profit registered charitable organization. No tuition discount. Uniforms can be purchased from. 2022. Participation is optional. All information is kept confidential. (Note: If 2 weeks notice is not given, that tuition must be paid as well.). 1133 E. County Line Rd.Lakewood, NJ 08701, 732-363-3633, 732-363-7337 fax,, Calvary Tuition Assistance Application Checklist, Calvary Academy Tuition Assistance Policy, Select "Sign In" for current users, or "Create an Account" for New Users. Applicants must applyfor discounts at enrollmentfor new students, andannually for returning students.Tuition AssistanceFamilies may apply for tuition assistance after the school has received a completed student enrollment application. It is a connection a connection between your childs needs and your family philosophy and our philosophy. Hot lunch details are provided to all families prior to the start of school each year. 110 N. McMullen Booth Road Clearwater, FL 33759. *A/T/M (Activity -Testing -Materials)FeeThe A/T/M Fee includes school yearbook, student insurance, locker rental, standardized achievementtesting, PSAT fee, instructionalmaterials and supplies,and a pass for admission to all home, non-tournamentathletic games. Extra supplies may be required by individual teachers to be purchased by the student. It is non-refundable. CCHS is limited in the accommodations we are able to provide; however, we are willing to review the information and inform parents of the accommodations available at Calvary. They provide Calvary with a need-based financial aid analysis which includes a recommendation of what a family should reasonably be able to contribute toward tuition. A student receiving FES-UA funding with a current IEP, 504 Accommodation Plan, or Matrix Level 251, may be considered for admission to Calvary. Florida Tax Credit ScholarshipStudents who qualify for the income-based Florida Tax Credit Scholarship may be considered for admission at Calvary. (Preferred School Number: 900089996) A used uniform sale is offered a couple times a year.