Seating capacities and configurations vary depending on ship. The client must have the ability to handle or work though a travel partner to market the program, answer questions, accept payment (if applicable), assign staterooms, etc. Special services such as: fireworks, flyovers, banners, decorations, etc Provides 24-hour assistance services, including: pre-trip health, safety and weather information; assistance with travel changes; lost luggage assistance; emergency cash transfer assistance; medical consultation and monitoring; emergency legal assistance; emergency medical and dental assistance; lost travel document assistance; and emergency medical payment assistance. A common misconception is that Medicare will pay for hospitalization overseas. Exclusive and/or unique customized onboard experience. Religious, A passionate fan-based is the key to a resale charter We want this to be the best vacation of your life. Weapons, Explosives or Other Dangerous Items

****For Adult Night Club/Disco, make sure you read ouralcohol policy. We would love to hear from you. Matches and normal lighteners are allowed onboard. Other informational resources can be accessed at theCenters for Disease Control and Preventions Travelers Health websiteor toll free at 1-800-232-4336, and theWorld Health Organization website. This coverage is especially important, as Medicare and many private vacation protection policies generally do not cover you outside of the U.S. or Canada, and many HMOs do not cover you outside their provider area. A considerable amount of time is needed to research, and significant incremental costs will most likely apply. Celebrity Cruises can provide you with a variety of marketing materials to assist you in your efforts to promote your program including images, videos, brochures, postcards and flyers. But just as a new friend can enhance your vacation experience, some guests may behave in ways you find unusual or undesirable. CC Help Jenn Fitness to Travel Safely

If a guest celebrates their birthday during the cruise vacation, and thereby becomes of age to consume alcohol, the guest may thereafter ask the Guest Relations Manager to modify ships records to permit their consumption of alcohol during the remainder of the vacation. Medication Guests must ensure that they bring an adequate supply of any medication they require for the entire duration of the cruise. I think they treat itas any other illness. most meals Medical evacuation flights can be very expensive and cost up to $25,000 per hour of flight time. Guests are strongly encouraged to wash their hands with soap and hot water after using the restroom and before eating or handling food. Canadian citizens that board a cruise ship at a port within the U.S., travel within the Western Hemisphere and return to a different U.S. port on the same ship will require a valid Passport, Enhanced Drivers License or Trusted Traveler Program Card such as Nexus, Sentri, or Fast. I believe this is the prudent thing to do and I will certainly do it again. A valid passport is required for travel. The Access Department can be reached at[emailprotected]or by calling 1.866.592.7225. Also, their protection plans do not cover any travel arrangements booked outside of your cruise, such as flights and transfers. For New York residents who wish to purchase the product, please visit The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) provide guidelines as to which vaccinations are required in each country. I'm sure you must have questions.So, why not call us? In our opinion, overall Celebritys CruiseCare Travel Protection plans are insufficient. Medical coverage and medical evacuation limits are worryingly low, and there are a limited number of covered cancellation and interruption reasons, as well as insufficient trip cost reimbursement. Option 2: Payment in Full at Contract Signing No Letter of Credit Consuming alcohol to excess impairs ones judgment and reduces ones ability to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations. I was shocked at how reasonable the price was and in the Fine Print it is very comprehensive. Whilst Arch is certainly a strong insurance partner, the overall CruiseCare Program is not, in our opinion, a strong travel insurance plan due to low coverage limits. at any time and will dispose of alcohol concealed in such containers.

Any guest who goes ashore and consumes alcohol (whether under the supervision of a parent/guardian or not, is responsible for ensuring they consume responsibly and retain their ability to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations when they return to the ship. purchases from ship stores Celebrity Cruises guests are expected to be responsible for their actions at all times, including during transfers to and from ships, inside terminals, while onboard, at our ports of call, during shore excursions and at our private destinations. To help you find the best policy, Cruise Insurance 101 recommends having at least $100,000 in travel medical coverage and $250,000 emergency medical evacuation when traveling within 2 to 3 hours of the US. For complete details, please refer to theU.S Department of State website. Remember it is Celebrity, and not their insurance policy, that provides this part of the CruiseCare Travel Protection. I always use the evacuation limit as a way to judge the travel insurance coverage. 1Celebrity CruiseCare is an optional travel protection add-on to your cruise booking and is available through Celebrity for residents in all states except New York. ***Alcoholic beverages that are purchased in ports-of-call or from shops onboard will be stored by the ship and delivered to you on the last day of the sailing. A variety of choices for dining, entertainment, shipboard & shore activities are available in addition to a numerous of program customization options. In addition, Cancel For Any Reason credits can be purchased separate from the Travel Insurance benefits. I have never bought Cruise insurance in all my years until now. Affinity and Promotional group quotation requests are addressed by the High Complexity Group Department at 1-800-963-0311. Get more information on Visa Requirements for Canadian Residentsclick here. If you must cancel, interrupt, or seek medical treatment for a medical condition while traveling, travel insurance policies typically exclude claims related to Pre-existing Medical Conditions. We are both vacinated and will get the booster when available. All guests must ensure that they are medically and physically fit for travel. For a nominal fee, we also offer group reservations in our Specialty Restaurants as well as full restaurant buy-outs. Affinity Insurance Services is acting as a Managing General Agent as that term is defined in section 626.015 (14) Underwritten by Arch Insurance Company, with administrative offices in Jersey City, NJ; NAIC #11150 under Policy Form LTP 2013 of the Florida Insurance Code. Guests removed from a Celebrity ship pursuant to this policy, are responsible for their own accommodations and transportation home, at their expense. The LOC is reduced each time a payment is received but held at a pre-determined threshold until the agreed upon expiration date. For our example, we chose an 8-day cruise that departs from Athens, Greece, and travels to Italy and Spain before returning back to Athens. Xcelerate high speed internet at sea allows you to surf the web, make and receive calls, send text messages, video chat, stream shows, and more. What did I miss? Requests for alternate custom payment arrangements may be considered and must be discussed with the responsible Charter Sales Manager. Medicare does not pay for medical providers outside the US. Trash or other foreign objects should never be flushed down a toilet and guests are not permitted to discard any item overboard. brooke shields entwagon name No weapon, explosive, or other item that presents a risk of harm to persons or property, are is permitted on board. In this review we consider the travel insurance protection offered by Celebrity when booking, and then compare it against other plans available in the wider marketplace. No. casino gaming We can assist you in arranging private and customized group shore excursions. 30% of charter rate and pre-paid gratuities at 3 months prior to sailing Entertainment or charitable component The client is responsible for the marketing program of the chartered sailing. Please change the date range and try again. 100% of charter rate and pre-paid gratuities at contract signing You never know when you may need it. Parents/guardians are reminded they are responsible for the actions of their child/young adult at all times while on a Celebrity Cruises cruise vacation. changes to contracted itinerary requested post-contract Cruise Insurance 101urges overseas travelers to take travel medical insurance of at least $100,000 per person. Celebrity CruiseCare Travel Protection includes Medical Evacuation up to $50,000 per person. We can secure your private function space for events in the contract stage so that all confirmed space is noted in your group contract. It is the sole responsibility of the guest to identify and obtain all required travel documents for all ports. This policy is not intended to be all inclusive, and it is likely there will be conduct issues that it does not specifically address. Illnesses and Isolation of Guests 30% of charter rate and pre-paid gratuities at 5 months prior to sailing Copyright 19952022 The Independent Traveler, Inc. Help Ukrainian Families in Need: World Central Kitchen Donation Match, Amazing, Funny & Totally Awesome Cruise Photos, Click here to reload the page in order to enable certain features. Yes, it can be done in advance and is booked and confirmed by your group advocate prior to boarding. If a guest is in violation of this policy, a cleaning fee of $250 USD will be applied to their SeaPass account and the guest may be subject to further action pursuant to the Consequences Section of this Guest Conduct Policy. This program was designed and is administered by Aon Affinity. A client cannot choose to change to a large group once signed as a charter. Removal from ship at the next port of call. In certain circumstances where local laws permit or require, Celebrity Cruises may modify this policy which may also require parent/guardian request/authorization. If traveling further afield we recommend $500,000 of emergency evacuation cover. 4Worldwide Emergency Assistance are non-insurance services provided by CareFree Travel AssistanceTM. Inoculation/Health We will compare this plan to the CruiseCare plan that Celebrity currently offers.

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