#762 CORDOVA Habitational surname for a family from the ancient city of Crdoba, Spain. Dont they sound wonderfully English? #306 JUAREZ Son of Suero. #423 MOSS A contraction of the name Moses, meaning born of a god. Most likely an occupational surname for someone who made axes or used them (like a lumberjack). #530 VELAZQUEZ Son of Velasco. #809 ELLISON Son of Ellis/Elias/Elijah. #708 CLAY Occupational or habitational surname for someone who worked with clay or lived on clay land.

#370 PHAM Vietnamese surame meaning extensive. #693 PITTS Lives near a hollow or pit. #601 CAREY Welsh surname meaning from the fort on the hill. #890 DUNLAP From the fort by the muddy place. #392 KLEIN Small. #132 TRAN Vietnamese surname meaning old, ancient. #671 HARRELL Nickname for someone with a good head of thick hair. #444 BURGESS Free man of a fortified town. #324 BARNETT From the place near the clearing (burned place). #966 CHURCH Someone who worked in a church or lived near a church. #254 DOMINGUEZ Son of Domingo #138 CASTRO Portuguese/Spanish surname meaning Castle.

#38 NGUYEN Someone who played a stringed instrument, similar to a lute. #695 PONCE Derived from the name Pontius, from the Greek pontos meaning ocean. #578 RANGEL Spanish/Portuguese surname, meaning unknown. #382 FLETCHER Folk army. #745 SOLOMON Peaceful one, from the Hebrew Shalom. To search, press CTRL-F on a PC, or -F on a Mac, then enter your last name. #917 HALEY From the hay clearing.

Courteous. #918 PHAN Vietnamese surname of unknown meaning. #515 GIBBS Family of Gilbert (Gib was a nickname for Gilbert). #893 VAUGHAN Welsh descriptional surname meaning small, little. #897 RIVERS Lives by the river. #794 McCALL From Gaelic surname Mac Cathmhaoil, literally meaning son of the battle chief. Lists below are arranged alphabetically by their Mandarin pinyin spellings. #309 CURTIS Person with manners. #536 HOGAN From the Irish O Hogain meaning descendent of gn. #982 MADDEN From the Irish surname OMadain, meaning descendant of the son of the hound. 2022 Nameberry.com.Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC.

#802 HENDRICKS Family of Hendrick/Heinrich. #118 ALEXANDER Defending Men possibly an occupational surname for a soldier. There were many names which have become associated with places: St. Paul, Bristol, Boston, Brisbane, Scarsdale, Portsmouth, Southhampton, and the aforementioned Wilmington. #722 McCLAIN Scottish clan name, originally Mac Gille Eathain, meaning son of the servant of Saint John. #679 BOND Landowner who is bound by loyalty to the local lord. #237 RIOS Person who lived near the river.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. #909 FRY Born free. #709 TANNER Occupational surname for someone who tanned hides. #767 JACOBSON Son of Jacob. #40 FLORES Son of Floro. Do the legwork to research what a last name means and consider how that applies to your characters. #4 BROWN Surname from a nickname for someone with a dark complexion or hair. #45 HALL Occupational or place surname for a person who lived or worked in a hall. #88 MENDOZA People who live near or are from the village of Mendoza, Spain. #629 RICHARD Brave ruler. #938 SHEPPARD Occupational surname for a shepherd. #188 FERGUSON Son of Fergus. #838 HICKMAN Occupational surname for a servant of a man called Hick. #107 COLEMAN Son of Colum. #610 MASSEY Matthews land. #184 RICE Welsh surname meaning fiery warrior based on the name Rhys. #761 KLINE German nickname surname given to someone who was small. Another of the powerful families is the Cecil family. #274 WONG Variation of the Korean surname Huang, which literally means shiny or yellow. #665 ACEVEDO Spanish surname meaning someone who lives near or in a grove of holly trees or hollywood. #799 LOWERY Family of Lawrence. #850 BENJAMIN Son of my right hand. #855 MAHONEY From the Gaelic surname OMathghamhana meaning son of Mathghamhain, literally meaning bear. How their name feels is as important as what it is.

#194 GARDNER Occupational surname for a gardener/groundskeeper. #273 LI Chinese surname meaning Plum or Plum Tree. #991 HENDRIX Family of Heinrich.

You can get the Guppy as a reprint very cheaply. #218 ANDREWS Family of Andrew. #318 VILA From the city of Avila, Spain. #276 HANSON Son of Hans. #514 COBB Nickname meaning lump or a short form of the name Jacob.

#362 HALE From the remote valley. #953 MAYNARD Strength, strong. #777 PRUITT From the Old French proux meaning valiant or brave one. #992 ROLLINS Family of Rollo. #711 KAUR Sikh surname meaning Princess. #368 MILES Son of Mile. The Victorian Violet, one of the prettiest of the color and flower names, was chosen by high-profile parents Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, definitely a factor in its rapid climb to popularity. Two syllable names are the most common, with half of the names in the US Top 10 following this pattern. #691 HO Chinese surname with several meanings, descriptive of a chin waddle or characteristic long-lasting. Now, many would say the vintage chic Clara is the more stylish of the two names. #796 STEIN Family of Stephen. #792 DURHAM Habitational surname for a family from Durham, U.K. literally meaning by the hill. In English, Arlo was used as a place name, Arlo Hill, by Edmund Spenser in his epic poem, This gentle Scandinavian name, soft and sensitive, is being discovered in a major way by parents in the US. Charlotte is the feminine form of the male given name Charles. Wood- Blackwood, Wormwood, Callwood, Redwood, Lockwood. #828 BRAVO Brave, proven in battle. #492 LOGAN From the Irish surname OLeoghain, meaning descendant of the warrior. #628 BRADFORD From the broad or big ford. Married couples traditionally do not adopt the surname of their spouse. Thanks I was looking for a surname for an obscure baronet, and you gave me the one I needed. #596 WHITAKER From the white field or from the wheat field. #868 PACE The peaceful one. #886 SAMPSON The sun. #894 HERRING Occupational surname for a fisher or seller of herring (fish). #545 LANG Nickname for a person who was tall. #800 SLOAN From the old Gaelic given name Sluaghadhan, meaning a leader of a military expedition. #632 BOONE Good person or from Bohon, France. #859 HAHN German surname from the word hane meaning rooster, applied as a nickname for a conceited or sexually active man. Curious to know more about your family name and in the last names and meanings of other countries, check out our package on last names from around the world. #108 BUTLER Occupational surname for a butler/wine steward. #634 WILKINSON Son of William. #16 THOMAS Son of Thomas. #316 FIGUEROA Lives near the fig tree. He is fully vaccinated, twice boosted, and experiencing very mild symptoms according to The White House. #129 HERRERA Occupational surname for an iron worker (ferrier). Ough- Scarborough, Rossborough, Attenborough, Riseborough. #383 PAGE English occupational surname for a page. #746 GUEVARA From Guevara, Spain. surnames gottesdiener #702 McDOWELL From the old Gaelic surname, MacDubhghaill meaning son of the dark one. Weve shown the ton, but all of these (ham, burton, brook, and town) can be found in many British names. From the old English beste meaning beast.

#845 REILLY Gaelic name from OReilly, meaning son or descendent of Raghailligh. It may derive from a Proto-Germanic root meaning "island" or "water". #202 PIERCE Family of Peter. #721 BEARD Descriptive surname for a man with a very distinct beard. #522 LLOYD From the Welsh Llwyd, meaning grey. #83 CHAVEZ Occupational surname for a key maker. #957 SANFORD From the sandy ford. #346 NORRIS From the North. Croft- Wolstonecroft, Rycroft, Hopcroft, Wallcroft

#784 MARIN Family of Marino or lives near the sea.

#398 VELASQUEZ Son of Velasco. #97 LONG Surname from a nickname for someone who was tall. #490 MAXWELL From Macks stream, pool, or well. #142 FERNANDEZ Son of Fernando #456 HUANG Chinese surname that means bright or yellow. #806 GENTRY Born of high status. #86 BENNETT Family of Benedict (Blessed). Literally means citadel of Julian (Turro-Julio). #947 RASMUSSEN Danish/Norwegian surname, meaning son of Rasmus.

#964 SPENCE Occupational surname for someone in charge of a pantry/goods in an estate. #602 WILCOX Son of William. #227 PEA Lives near the rock or cliff. #326 CHAMBERS Occupational surname, servant who worked the bedrooms or chambers. #333 AYALA Lives near the hillside or pasture. See how many you recognize: Irish, French, Russian, Spanish, Mexican, Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian, and African last names, among others. #425 CHAN Chinese surname literally meaning field or plain. #882 SHEPARD Occupational surname for a shepherd. There are a few two syllable surnames, such as Namgung () or Hwangbo (), but these are extremely rare.

Esm comes from the past participle of the Old French verb. #131 ELLIS Son or Famiy of Elijah/Elias #252 CARLSON Son of Carl. #433 CHRISTENSEN Son of Christian. #741 BLACKWELL Lives near the black stream. #562 TREVINO Lives in a house on a boundary, or where boundaries meet. Perhaps youre looking for a punchy first name that rhymes with the last name. #866 BOYLE From the Gaelic surname OBaoighill, meaning family of the rash or angry person. #314 BARRETT Warlike person, quarrelsome. #443 NEWTON From the new town. #430 FITZGERALD Son of Gerald. The majority of Koreans adopt the surname of their father. #353 MORAN Sea Warriors. Or one can be obscure for personal pleasure and name someone Fosser, if he or she is a prying sort, since its the surname of one who used to clean ditches and gives a dialectal word, fossicking, rummaging around after something. A large number of these non-Han surnames contain more than one Chinese character. #571 PETERSEN Son of Peter. #432 STEVENSON Son of Steven. #248 SANTIAGO Of the Saint Tiago/Diego. #948 BRANDT Family of Brando, literally meaning hot-tempered. #213 ARMSTRONG Literally means strong man. For example, my heroes have had names like Wycliff, Radcliff, Sedgewick, Allen, Pembroke, Warwick, Rutledge, and Agar. #281 FULLER Occupational surname for someone who washed cloth in the clothmaking process. But before you dive in, read up! Many clans eventually took on a single-character surname for various reasons. #865 LUCERO Light or evening star. #520 ESCOBAR Habitational surname for someone who lived in or near a place overgrown with broom (a shrub with long, thin green stems). #87 GRAY From a nickname for someone with gray hair or house. Well start with those names ending in ley a nice segue from two-syllable: Berkeley, Audley, Rowley, Worsley, Stanley, Wrottesley and Bexley. #952 FAULKNER Occupational surname for a falconer or someone who trained hawks/falcons. That Guppy source sounds fabulous. #825 KNAPP Hilltop. but I know I am getting familiarity every day by reading thes fastidious posts. Literally means black.

#573 SHAH Persian surname meaning king. #289 PARK Korean surname, meaning gourd. Literally means place of swans. #144 WOODS Family who lived in or near the woods. With Ash,I found Asburnham, Ashbrook, Ashburton, and Ashtown. From the Gaelic buth, meaning house, and Chanain meaning of the canon. #996 ODOM Son-in-law of a prominent person. #336 POWERS A person or family who came from the town of Poix in France. #157 OLSON Son of Olaf. Three-syllable names ending in erton include Pemberton, Egerton, Wolverton, and Ollerton. #594 MORROW From the row of cottages on the moor. For Ban, there are Bannerman, Bangor, Bantry, and Banfield. #85 JAMES Family of James (Supplanter). #823 GLASS Occupational surname for a glass blower. #963 ANDERSEN Son of Anders/Andrew. #457 POTTER Occupational surname for someone who made pottery. #779 CONWAY Irish surname from Mac Connmhaigh, a descriptional surname meaning Head Smasher or Mac Connbhuidhe, meaning yellow hound #774 DAVILA From the village. Liiterally means opposite. #921 HORNE Occupational surname for someone who carved objects out of horn, or made musical horns (usually made out of animal horn at the time). #414 GRIFFITH Leader with a strong Grip. #902 POTTS Family of Philpott, an early form of the name Phillip. #149 HENRY Ruler of the Home. #880 MAYER Occupational surname for a mayor of a village or town. Rabbinical scholars claim that the Asherites lived up to this meaning, as they had the most oil, wisdom, and male children compared to the other tribes. #807 HULL Either a habitational surname for someone who lived on or near a hill, or from the given name Hulle, which was a nickname for Hugh. #47 CAMPBELL From the Latin De Bello Campo meaning from the beautiful field. Could also be from a Scottish/Gaelic nickname (cam bul) meaning crooked or sassy mouth. #801 McLEAN From the old Gaelic name Mac gille Eoin, literally meaning son of the devotee of Saint John. #199 SPENCER Occupational surname for a butler or steward of a manor. #678 ARROYO Habitational surname from any of numerous places named Arroyo, literally meaning water channel or irrigation channel. Check out our baby name database here. Cheryl Bolen, 2011. Wonderful English names! #371 GRAVES Occupational surname for a steward, from from Middle English word greyve. [I think I searched 18th century books]. #615 JEFFERSON Son of Jeffery. #203 VAZQUEZ Son of Vasco. #751 CORTES Courteous, refined. #125 WEST From the West. #735 HUERTA Lives by the top of a hill or near a fortress. #933 HUBER German surname for the word hide, a unit of farm land. #710 HUTCHINSON Son of hugh, or son of the close, beloved relative. Used for families from the region of Hesse, in Germany. Perhaps you want a certain rhythm to the full name over all when taken together with the middle and surname. #100 JIMENEZ Son of Jim/James. #21 LEE Family who lived in or near an open meadow or clearing. #62 MORRIS Dark-skinned, from the Moors. #26 SANCHEZ Son of Sancho. #29 LEWIS Son or family of Lewis. #749 HURST Someone who lives by a wooded hill. Literally means prominent. I have the shelves of most used reference books and Ive been trying to rationalise everything else but not necessarily filed as one would with dewey decimal, but more those which are associated together in my mind for, say, a research project. #113 VASQUEZ Son of Vasco. #34 KING Ruler of the area. Hardened meaning battled in war. #541 PRATT From the Old English word praett meaning a trick (like pratfall). #581 SHORT Nickname for a short person. #327 CALDWELL Lives by the cold well. Susan, you can do worse than pick up a copy of Henry Guppys homes of family names in Great Britain. #298 LUNA From one of the towns named Luna in Spain. #82 BROOKS Family who lived by or near a brook (creek). #110 BARNES Someone who lived or worked in or near a barn. #583 MORA Blackberry. #750 WOODARD Contraction of Woodward meaning ward or caretaker of the woods. Ask yourself what "feeling" the last name creates and if it matches with your character's persona. #271 ESPINOZA From the thorny area. #560 SHAFFER German occupational surname for someone who was a household manager or steward. #696 RICH Wealthy or family of Richard. #651 SWEENEY From the Scottish/Gaelic surname Mac Suibhne literally meaning young warrior from another land. #563 McKENZIE Scottish Gaelic clan name meaning Son of Coinneach, literally meaning fair one. Change). #585 BRYAN High, Noble. #25 HARRIS Son of Harry. Thank you! #260 SINGH Lion-like. #245 HARPER Occupational surname for someone who played or made harps. #970 CHERRY Occupational surname for someone who grew or sold cherries. #919 VILLALOBOS From the town of Villalobos, Spain, meaning the village of wolves. #196 GRANT Large, great. #503 BUCHANAN Locational surname from the area of Buchanan in Stirlingshire, UK. #858 MEDRANO Abundance. Literally means moon. #958 BURCH Lives near the birch tree or grove. #497 COLN Contraction of the name Colombo, meaning dove. #259 LYNCH Anglicized version of the Irish surname Loingsigh, meaning descendant of the mariner. dashing doppelgangers