There had been nostruggle, no pain, no sound, no death rattle. My heel was up to the top of my shoe. Finally, I heard of the meeting at the SheradenTabernacle. I praise God that He cares for all things that concern us.When the Lord told us to go to St. Paul, we had only two cents(Mrs. Monroe and I).

About five monthsago, my mother heard of one of our neighbors, Mrs. Robinson,being healed by \"faith in God.\" The case was so wonderful thatwe inquired and found out that a Mrs. J. TESTIMONIESdeveloped. Why would the Holy Spirit who healed all the sick before His dispensation began, do less after He entered into office on the day of Pentecost? May God bless them,every one. During the year following my healing Ihave never had any return of the trouble. All the time I had been listening to the evangelist, I had beensilently praying for God to lead me. The roots spread out andwrapped around the membrane under my tongue.

Christ proved by healing him that it is God's will to heal even those who fail to receive it. It is very sweet to live in theinner circle.

When he understood heshouted with laughter and was very happy over it. One evening eachweek, our pastor spoke on divine healing. I am sothankful to God for His mercy. She also sufferedan abdominal rupture after returning home from the hospitaland so dreaded the thought of another operation. Since \"faith cometh by hearing. It was through her wonderful healing that mother and Iwere saved. May He add His blessing to mytestimony.

28. The following day my eyes were perfectly straight andkept getting stronger. I hadsuffered from the cancer for one and a half years, and from theother troubles for seven years. Instead of supporting hospitals, should we not then do our utmost to close them? I can go to bed now andsleep like a baby. I. E. Hoover, and Rev.Kreamer, the Baptist minister. Threeand a half years ago I grew so much worse that I had a doctor forfour months. Would not Paul's failure to be healed, if he was sick, hinder the universal faith of these heathen for their healing? At theGreyville Race Course in the city of Durban, the team had thegreatest religious gatherings ever held in that country. The deafness was due to anervous breakdown which I had more than ten years ago and itleft me deaf for more than five years. These testimonies are only a few of the 225,000 that werereceived up until 1948. I went forward with Brother Robinson, and wassaved by the blood of Christ. Our Bible is a great source of happiness now. If not, why would God withdraw this mercy and this Old Testament privilege from a better dispensation with its \"better covenant\"? 6:15). Soon after being anointed and prayed for, the paininstantaneously left, and the swelling rapidly disappeared. On Saturday, something had said to me, \"go into the water.Brother Bosworth explained to me what it meant and I obeyedand was baptized on Sunday. If I get up, I can't do any worse than that.\" He toldMiss Perry that if she would pray for him, he would get up. His family was surprised to see him retire to his bed. I was able toimmediately discard my glasses, which I have had to wear foryears. TESTIMONIEShealing. I knew it would spread. Since my healing, a year ago, I have not had any symptomswhatever of the cancer or any pain in my hand or foot, but abouta month before coming to Toledo, I let a very large lump of coalfall on my foot. Glory to God, \"by His stripes\" Iwas healed!

I used to suffer agony,holding onto the rail and trying to get down, but bless His dearname, I can now run down! The paincaused me to tear my hair and was too intense to describe. I want you to tellother crippled boys what God has done for me. I had towalk on my toe. I was also healed of my rheumatism and gallstones. Faith is the basis for all we receive from God. I am gaining weight, am stronger than Ihave ever been, and am not nervous anymore. If you have any query or want to remove any content listed here please feel free to contact us at egglab[at] Mrs. B. Edwards, Camden, New JerseyREMARKS BY F. F. BOSWORTH Possibly not one out of ten of those who have been healedhave sent us their testimony. \"Thou shalt be saved and thy house.\" Mrs. Edward Bander, Easton, PennsylvaniaHEALED OF BRIGHT'S DISEASE AND OTHER AILMENTS While listening to the full Gospel, which I heard you preachin St. Petersburg, Florida, last January, I received untold spiritualand physical blessings. My wife, Stella, was sitting with him when she suddenlyrealized that he had stopped breathing. I was ableto refer them to any of my neighbors about my previouscondition, as all knew it. He again drew on God's \"abundant\" lifeas God renewed his vision and the strength of his youth.THE ULTIMATE TRIUMPH233 It seemed as though someonegrasped the cancer under my tongue and was drawing it out ofmy mouth. The pastor anointed,while Brother I.E. John Jr. Snyder, Easton, PennsylvaniaMUTE WOMAN IS INSTANTLY HEALED More than three years ago through sickness, I completelylost my power of speech. But I was in needof healing. Jesus was with me andstill is. As Iwalked up Ohio Street that night to take the streetcar, I suddenlyseemed to be in a new world. I could never begin to tell what Hehas done for me. CHRIST THE HEALER compassion upon the sick, and healed all who had need of healing, cease to regard the sufferings of His own when He had become exalted at the right hand of the Father?\" Propounded by Evangelist F. F. Bosworth in the Alliance Tabernacle, Toronto, Canada, April 2 0 , 1 9 2 3 , as a part of his sermon answering the question of an opposer, \"Is There a Gospel of Healing?\"204 As he prayed andwaited, God raised up a healing revival following the war. I was instantly healed then and there of my terriblecancers. He said, \"I havebeen a doubting Thomas, but now I am compelled to believe.\" The pastor of the Baptist Church in Bangor asked me tocome to his church on Sunday. She had her shoes on, without a sign of herold trouble. I believe that at that time God gave me a fresh baptism ofHis Holy Spirit. Is not the Book of the Acts of the Holy Ghost a revelation of the way He wants to continue to act through the Church? I have sufferedfrom a nervous condition for five years. Hosted by DigitalOcean Made with by EggLab inc, Cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis for the MSFD, Adventures of Young Doctor Masters 002 (1964) c2c, The Competitive Edge: Research Priorities for U.S. Manufacturing, Numerical Methods for Civil Engineering Notes of the Course, New Light on the Relationship between the Montecitorio Obelisk and Ara Pacis of Augustus1, Basic Clin Sci Course [Sec. Brother F. F. Bosworth and Rev. Myhealing was complete. Mother experienced a wonderful healing. Againwe say, to God be all the glory. I found I had a fallenstomach. Two weeks after the Lordso wonderfully healed me, He baptized and filled me with theHoly Ghost and still keeps me filled.213

Three different times, for four months at a time, I wascompelled to stay off my feet completely. \"Could the loving heart of the Son of God, Who had203 Are the proofs of divine healing among the 184 persons who testified in this revival the last two Friday nights less bright and convincing than the proofs of spiritual redemption among professed Christians today? I also thank Godfor the perfect peace and joy that I have in my heart. He said, \"I sure don't want to hangaround down here!\" All the children came home, for the firsttime in sixteen years, and there was a great final reunion. Ialso want to mention this: in one week I prayed to God for fivethings which a person would think were nearly impossible, butglory be to His holy name, I got all I asked for. My limbs were so badly swollen and inflamed that I couldnot bear any covering over them. 20. She sang a hymn and I do remember that. It is a classic book on faith faith for healing. I was kept at home for two weeks under the care of oneof our best doctors. TESTIMONIESThe following testimonies took place over a few years of theearly 1920s. She lookedat me and exclaimed, \"Oh, mother!\" There was a mirror in the215 The next morning, the 16th, I took a streetcar and went to themeeting without anyone assisting me. Anointed by the Rev. The night I was healed I testified to a member ofmy church on the streetcar. She decided to consult a specialist219 Just before I came to Toledo on this visit, I said to the Lord, \"Iwould like to be in the Bosworth meetings once more.\" Heimmediately provided the money for me to go to Toledo. One day I would seemingly be better, but thenext day would be worse until some kind friends came and tookme to their home in the country. Hebegan to greet people and hug peoplehe was enraptured.Every once in a while he would break off and look aroundsaying, \"Oh, it is so beautiful.\" He did this for several hours. It was a day I will never forget as long as Ilive. Saved and healed of her affliction, Mrs. J. Thrilling testimonies telling of a \"chain of blessings\" arecontinually being received. Would it be right to conclude, because of the failure of Christ's disciples to cast out the epileptic spirit from the boy, that it was not God's will to deliver him? He couldlot see it my way at first, but when I gave him Scripture for it(Matt. I went to bed at nine and slept until six in the morning. The cancer was melanotic sarcoma. Please take advantage of the simple wisdom of God that resides on these 241 faith filled pages. Long came and prayed with mother and explained thewonderful things in store for all who believed. If Paul (as a New York minister says) \"was the sickest of men suffering from ophthalmia of the eyes,\" or if, as others teach, his \"thorn in the flesh\" was physical weakness instead of what Paul himself says it was, \"Satan's angel\" inflicting the many buffetings that Paul enumerates, how could he labor more abundantly than202 He wasparalyzed and had bad sores on his back and face.

CHRIST THE HEALERhere in Chicago, and he told her the same thing. Through 205 I have gained eighteen210 document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He would base his faithonly on what God said in His Word. When it reached thetop of my head, I saw a bright light and I had a vision of Jesusstanding right before me. After being healed, I went to the doctor, who simply laughedand said, \"Well, I am pleased to see it, Mrs. Killick, but I will betyou ten dollars it will be back in six months.\" It is now nearly two years and my condition is as described. Iwas anxious to be healed that I might serve Him better. I find that the most important thing in the Christian life isperfect obedience to the will of God. My onehope is that God may use me in the advancement of His work inany way He chooses. Miss R. Nix, Toronto, Canada223 My conditiongrew worse. But she said afterwards that the pain had ceased andthat she had the assurance in her heart that she was healed. Bodily healing in the New Testament was called a mercy. 16. As I came out of her housepraising the Lord, I passed the gas plant. After telling the audience aboutthe miracle, he had me stand and show them how I could speak. When they came, I was outvisiting the neighbors and showing them my face, but theywaited at my home until I returned and rejoiced with me overthe healing. She came to see me and told me that God wanted to healme. I am sure I consulted more than fifty of them. I was there six weeks, but hadjust the same results, being kept under a quieting tonic most ofthe time, nights as well as days. My left sidewas paralyzed, and I was so numb that I could hardly walk. During World War II, with gas rationing, he was232 18. He said that it was impossible, that she could not walk outwithout the cloth over her face, because the pain would havebeen so intense as to blind her and she could not find her wayout of the hall. the word.\" how can the sick have faith for healing if there is nothing for them to hear? She has gainedweight and is hungry all the time. Itwas: Were the whole realm of nature mine, That were a present far too small. If sickness constitutes his \"thorn,\" why does he not say he takes pleasure in the sickness instead of the buffetings? My healing has been the means of myhusband and three daughters giving their hearts to Christ. She departed saying that she would come back again thatnight. There has been no pain in it since then. CHRIST THE HEALER Some time in December, I was unloading cars of coal. I'm thehappiest boy in Easton. just came into the possession of a first edition copy of this book. Iwas healed on Friday night, and on Saturday morning I took upknife and fork and began to eat just as I did before I wasafflicted. CRACKED KNEESPAINFUL TO WALKNOW CLIMB STEPS More than a year ago I was healed of total deafness in myear and also cracked knee-caps. Life with220 The doctor who treatedme said, a few weeks ago, that I had been one of the greatestsufferers he had known. Beth P. Evans, Johnson City, New YorkLORD COULDN'T WAIT! Does the fact that Christ could do no miracle at Nazareth prove anything except the unbelief of the people? I didn't have towait until I died to learn whether I got to heaven or not. At last I found I had cancer. Does not the glorious Gospel dispensation offer as much mercy and compassion to its sufferers as did the darker dispensations? This was on Saturday. TESTIMONIESVISION RESTOREDFRIENDS OVERWHELMED BY SIMPLE FAITH I had been a church member for five years. Mrs. J. He did not believe in the worldlydoctrine of retirement. I am happierevery day since I was converted. I thank God Iobeyed. Manyevangelists were raised up who needed the experience andwisdom of a mentor. We praise the Lord! Theauthorities quarantined us and would not provide for us. After three years oftotal silence I could speak normally. There, Brother Bosworth prayed for me andanointed me and I was healed immediatelyBless God!

I216 I spent about $500 foranesthetics during the last year I was sick. I have had many spiritual blessingsfollow my healing and Christ has been nearer and dearer to methan ever before. In wearinessand deep fatigue he began to feel the effects of an overloadedministry schedule through the yearsit was as if he had alreadylived two lives. All whobelieve on the Lord Jesus Christ shall be saved. Last summer, I had charge of one of the largestsummer homes of the Anglican Church. I attended November 4th. The people in Woodstockwere astonished, as they never expected to see her return alive,after making the trip to Chicago. I talked with Almighty God, in Jesus' name, until Hetook all fear from me. Thousands of hungry seekers, fromevery religious, ethnic, and language grouping, were saved andhealed. I visited Mrs. TrinaOdegard, Woodstock, Illinois, in May, and was greatly surprisedto see her in the condition in which I found her, more dead thanalive. He asked to see me, but was told that Iundoubtedly would not recognize him. TESTIMONIESChrist is all joy and happiness. Christ the Healer by F.F. 90:10). And since the Bible is full of promises of healing, are they not all Gospel (good news) to the sick? It could not have appeared tothe audience that she was healed, any more than it did to me.Her face was a horrible sight. I wore powerful glassesfor over eleven years and had to have them changed by aspecialist about every six months. I have not had pain from either of them since that time. I could scarcely go up and down the steps, but now, praiseGod, I can run. Later the cancer spread to mymouth, going in from the throat and under the tongue until itwas as thick as another tongue. My face and mouth were constantly twitching anddistorted.

I was terriblyanemic, and also had internal trouble for which I had undergonean operation two and a half years before. Things are different. They were healed208 Since being anointed andprayed for, she has been entirely delivered. What was he to do? At the end of his sermon, hecalled for all who wished to be saved or healed or prayed for tocome forward. I had been very far-sighted all my life and had beencross-eyed in one eye for fifteen years. On Monday, November 15, she and two other dearChristians came with a car and took me to the Tabernacle onArch Street. OiiPDF all rights reserved 2022. Specialist after specialist was consulted. I told him that Isaw her come in with the cloth on her face, was present whenshe was prayed for, heard her say, as she took the cloth off, thatshe was healed, and saw her walk down the street without thecloth.

The next day after being brought home the blessed Lordsent one of His faithful servants to me, Mrs. Mary Long. I hope this will help some other sufferer find theglorious deliverance I have found. God's plan is that weshould live to be at least three score and ten (Ps.

I often worked from sixin the morning until two or three o'clock the next morning. We had only reached ourseat a few minutes when my heel went down and my foot wentover to the other one. Thatcould not be so.\" I saw him again after he had seen her, and he said itcertainly was a marvelous thing for her. One day she mended some of my son's greasy workingclothes, and another day helped the children prepare the meal. Now I can step on my whole foot and putmy feet together like any of my other brothers. Whatabout all the people that God has ordained for you to reach?\" Young F. F. Bosworth said, \"Miss Perry, would you pray for 231 My friends tried to make me think it would do me nogood to go to Bethlehem to be anointed for healing, but I cameand was anointed and prayed for on February 2nd and wasinstantly healed. It seems we bothare getting the good things God has in store for all who believe. After telling me it was thelast day of the Tabernacle services, she persuaded me to go. She was so hungrybefore leaving the tent, she could hardly wait until she got whereshe could get something to eat. The psalmist haddescribed it correctlyGod had simply removed his breath andhe was home! I became disgusted with lifeand decided to stop seeing the doctor. CHRIST THE HEALERMIRACULOUS HEALING FOLLOWED BY CONVERSION OFTWENTY RELATIVES I have been suffering with stomach trouble for about 30years. Her general health became better and the highblood pressure began to disappear, something that the doctorshad claimed was impossible except by electric treatments. (No one knew that we had gone onfaith.) After several of the professors there examined me, theydecided they could do nothing for me, as the cancer in my sidewas fastened to the spleen. Now they are just as normal as anyone's. She was beaming with happiness and she has had noreturn of any of her troubles which had been of 30 years'duration. The invitation wentout to lose seeking salvation or healing. TESTIMONIESfor father since my mother died with the \"flu,\" said I should go. Theyare standing firmly today on the solid rock, Christ Jesus, praiseGod. I went from one physician to another in Ohio, Indiana, NewYork, and New Jersey, wherever I heard of a good one, lookingfor relief.