You see practically the same things as the NiN group, but you have the chance to stop and take photos. There is a winter version of the tour that doesnt have the Eidfjord Norheimsund cruise but instead you drive from Eidfjord to Odda (this is a gorgeous drive!)

{{pricing}} All to make sure your day with us will be as perfect as possible. If you want to see the fjords but feel Flm is a little too far away or crowded, you can book a day cruise to Vik, a small village on the Sognefjord. It comprises of a series of public transport routes that will take you on trains, ferries and buses past dramatic scenery. You are constantly on the move, and photo-stops on the trains and buses arent possible. Sign up for our newsletter today to receive 75 Onboard Credit on Your First Cruise. Towards the sea, its quite flat and rocky (and maybe a little dull). This is a very popular tour from Bergen. You take a fjord cruise that isnt as famous as the UNESCO Gudvangen-Flm cruise, but it is still incredibly breathtaking. After all, this is a sailing where the elements rule and weather conditions might vary, which is why every voyage with The Hurtigruten Coastal Express is unique. Theres also the Flibanen funicular which whisks you up Mount Flyen for lovely views of the city. The bus tours from Bergen have great schedules, but its still a lot of driving and being shuffled about. You can join a guided bus tour from Bergen to the Hardanger region and get a chance to taste some apple cider. The Sognefjord is the longest fjord in Norway and the second longest in the world. Nidarosdomen is not to be missed. The Flm Railway is incredibly famous and well worth it. We had a fabulous trip up the fjords crew were lovely and it was managed very well and adjusted according to the weather conditions we thoroughly enjoyed the experience well worth it. Half-day trips do not take you to the most dramatic places. If youre thinking about doing this one, spend the night in Flm or do NiN. From mid-June to late August, the streets and gardens here will be adorned with the sight and scent of roses of all shades, living up to Moldes nickname as The City of Roses. You can also choose one of our recommended packaged, with carious cruise-itinerary from 3 hours to 4 days. Its a great option if you really want Norway in a nutshell, but keep in mind its incredibly popular in summer. The building of the cathedral began in 1070, and it is built on the site of Olaf IIs grave. There was not an exact match for the language you toggled to. I cant recommend it enough. In winter and spring, youll spend most of the second day getting to know the town of lesund, admiring its range of Art Nouveau architecture or joining one of several optional excursions. You drink local beer on an outdoor terrace or eat delicacies in one of the alleys, the choice is yours! Similarly, if you know of a great tour I havent mentioned please write it below. Today it is Norways largest gothic building. Besides the Gudvangen Flm ferry, you dont see fjords. Get a birds-eye-view of the Art Nouveau town of lesund from a nearby mountain before visiting the expansive saltwater Atlanterhavsparken aquarium. Heres the non-public transport option. You go along the coast and then through the Osterfjord towards the Mostraumen Strait. We offer private chartered yacht fjord cruises in Bergen and the Fjords, the yacht hasa capacity of 12. circuits et activits dans toute la Norvge, circuits et activits, sorties faune sauvage, excursions la journe, expditions, chalets et sjours aventure, Statens Kartverk, Geovekst og kommuner - Geodata AS, Hardanger Fjord AS, Hammaren 131, Ullensvang. There are some options for guided bus tours to Flm and surrounds. You can take a train to Voss and then a bus to Vik and save time and money if you want to see the stave church. The cheaper tours may not be worth your money as they dont take you out to the most dramatic areas.

You dont get dramatic fjords along the coastline; instead you get rocky islands and a very flat landscape. You take the Bergen Flm ferry but get off in Vik, and get five hours in the village to taste cheese, have soup for lunch, and have a guided tour of the Hopperstad Stave Church, possibly the oldest of the stave churches. Is the Flm Bergen Sognefjord cruise worth it? Join us on a guided tour of Nidarosdomen (Nidaros Cathedral), or walk through the charming streets on your own as you uncover the secrets of Trondheim. Experience the magnificent and varied fjord landscapes in the Nordhordland region. Still, 3.5 hours is a lot of time and you dont get to see the park. {{!preprice}} From Bergen, you have the opportunity to visit Norways two largest fjords, the Sognefjord and the Hardangerfjord. {{/}} You want to make sure the guide knows the areas, though. Nordic Campers - la meilleure faon de voir la Norvge! Drive Bergen to Voss and then to Gudvangen via Stalheim Hotel. Your private tour in the Hardanger region includes lunch and a guided tour at Barony Rosendal, spellbinding fjords, the Folgefonna Glacier, and more. Taking that 5.5 hour ferry two times in one way sounds tedious to me. Once aboard, enjoy the first of many delicious meals made from fresh coastal produce as we depart Bergen and sail the old Viking route along Hjeltefjord. From the top of one of the city mountains you have a beautiful sea view, and you can really see why Bergen is called the capital of the fjords. Includes a fjord cruise, guided tour, lunch and more.

I have a whole page dedicated to activities on the fjords, and you can view it by clicking the button below. Price: Explore the ancient islands of Giske and Gody and enjoy the fantastic coastal scenery at Alnes Lighthouse. You will find fjords pretty much wherever you go, but a handful of them are extra special and definitely worth seeking out. If you want to see the most dramatic bits of nature, you have to head inland. The iconic Bryggen is the first thing many associate Bergen with, and for good reason. We rejoin the bus and travel to Gudbrands Gorge and down the winding Trollstigen Pass to Molde. For a better user experience please enable localStorage or use a different browser.

Guided Fjord Tours arranges day tours to several destinations in these areas daily from Bergen.

Founded in 1070 AD, Bergen boasts architecture influenced by prosperous 14th century German trading organisation, the Hanseatic League. Enjoy a scenic sightseeing tour of this beautiful fjord landscape, from deep in the Romsdalen Valley to high up in Nesaksla Mountain. Join us on a guided walking tour through lesund and discover the history and culture of this elegant Art Nouveau town. Do you need a guide? This tour promotes itself as going all the day to Modalen, a tiny village at the end of the Mofjord (where the Mostraumen Strait is). The area is scenic and gives you a glimpse into the Norwegian fjords. Dating back to the Viking Age, lesund is best known today for its modern Art Nouveau architecture. Take in the view from Gamle Bybro, which was built in 1861, and the charming wooden houses in Bakklandet. For more information and to understand how we use your data for required purposes, and how to change your consent, please visit our Privacy Policy. Even though Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway, it has a small town charming character. Enjoy early morning in the breathtaking Nordfjord near Torvik. Once in the fjord, you might get to see the famous Seven Sisters waterfalls cascading down the cliffs. If you dont have the time or funds to take a full-day trip from Bergen, there are some wonderful half-day options available. ), The Gudvangen to Flm Ferry is incredible and is the absolute best of the best when it comes to getting a true feel for the fjords. The half-day tour to Skjerjehamn is a nice and popular half-day trip for those with little time, but again it doesnt take you to the steep fjords. Im working on writing guides to all these places, but hiring a guide in some cases is really well worth it. I decided to write an overview of which areas are the best places if you want to take a day-trip from Bergen to get to the fjords. I have made a map outline approximately where all the travel routes are, as well as the highlights on that route. {{:price}} Join us on a guided kayaking tour through the elegant town of lesund and learn more about its history and Art Nouveau influence. To get the most out of your visit to Norway, dont forget that we can also help you to arrange tours before or after your voyage, such as theNorway in a Nutshell programme. Book a tailored fjord cruise just for you or use one of our recommended routes. Just across the street is the famous Fish Market which serves delicious seafood. There are better tours than others, and there are more scenic places than others, but it depends on how much time you have, your budget, and your own personal interests. Welcome to a great day on the Fjords! The area around Modalen was a Viking settlement area and there is a church from 1024 located in the village (though it was rebuilt in 1622). The UNESCO listed houses show the heritage of having been a trading center in Europe since the Middle Ages. The half-day trips take 3-4 hours, while the full-day trips take up to 12 hours. The architecture is very special, and there is a mystical ambiance. - See below. We had a great time with our tour guide Frode, he was excellent, very knowledgeable and great conversationalist. You get 3.5 hours in Rosendal, which has a famous manor house (Barony Rosendal) and the Folgefonna Centre which is a museum about the nearby national park. Theres even time for a midway coffee break and a beer at the end. 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Toggling to another language will take you to the matching page or nearest matching page within that selection. {{?}} Discover Norway des circuits ski, cyclo et rando en Norvge, Norwegian Holidays des forfaits vacances petits prix avec Norwegian vol, htel et location de voiture, circuits et activits, sorties faune sauvage, excursions la journe, expditions, chalets et sjours aventure, Stromma circuits, excursions et sorties touristiques en bus, en bateau ou en train, {{title}} This morning youll wake up in Trondheim, a beautiful city that is like something out of a fairy tale. Enjoy hiking the stark beauty of Norways winter landscapes and experience what locals call friluftsliv, perhaps under the magical Northern Lights. For more information and to understand how we use your data for required purposes, and how to change your consent, please visit our, Guided day tour to Flm, incl Premium Nryfjord Cruise & Flm Railway, Private day tour to Hardanger, incl Folgefonna Glacier & Barony Rosendal, Guided Day Tours & Fjord Cruise from Bergen. With long days, summer is surely the perfect time to go hiking in Norway. You dont see the fjords really; youre more zig-zagging between islands and skerries on the coast. Copyright 2022 I Love Bergen. I know there are so many companies offering so many variations of trips to places with strange names, but hopefully this makes it a little easier for you. By clicking 'Accept All', you consent to the use of cookies to enhance your user experience, security, analytics and customization. In this west coast pearl, you find small cobblestone streets, houses that cling on to the mountain side and an abundance of local shops, cafes and small shopping streets. I'm a tour guide ready to show you Bergen! This excursion takes you through Norangsdalen valley, on a ferry ride on UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord, up steep Eagle Road, and then to the Art Nouveau city of lesund. Go kayaking on the river Nid in Trondheim. Cruise with Hurtigruten in an unspecified cabin, Prices are in EUR per person based on two people travelling together sharing a twin cabin, Not all cabin categories are available for all departures, Single cabin pricing available on request. We stood outside for much of the trip, but they sell reasonably priced hot drinks on board to warm you up. Bergen is on the coast, while the most dramatic scenery is found inland. The train from Bergen to Myrdal is long, and the ferry is even longer. You take a scenic cruise along the coast to Skjerjehamn harbour, where you get to spend a little under an hour walking around before taking the same cruise back to Bergen. Join us for a pleasant hike up from the fjord through lovely meadows to a summer grazing site at Hauks where we learn about traditional farming and taste local delicacies. If youve done one of these tours, write what you thought of it in the comments.

This ferry isnt as scenic. And the road down from Stalheim to Gudvangen, Stalheimskleiva, is a terrifying but excellent highlight, The ferry cruise on the fjords is included, Almost all of the driving is inland. Ive also put a rough outline of where the best scenery is. Try to spend a night in places like Flm, Balestrand, Ulvik, Eidfjord, or even Voss. You can find examples of architecture from all decades on a walk in Bergen, from beautiful art deco to the world-famous Bryggen. By clicking 'Accept All', you consent to the use of cookies to enhance your user experience, security, analytics and customization. var script = document.createElement("script");script.type = "module";script.src = "";document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(script); We use cookies to enable the proper functioning of our websites. Book Norways most popular day tour and experience the countrys beautiful scenery on a fjord cruise and train journeys on Europes top-rated railways. Bring me back a bottle, please? You wont see the dramatic scenery you think of when you hear fjord. Tips and inspiration for your next fjord adventure, How to best explore the fjords from Bergen, Bryggen in Bergen - a big piece of history in a small place, Top 20 lesser known photo spots in Bergen, Great places to watch the sunset in Bergen, 5 reasons to explore Bergen on a Segway tour, Photo tips: 14 historical landmarks in Bergen. Most tours include Tvindefossen and Stalheim Hotel as photo stops, as well as the super scenic Stegastein Viewpoint in Aurland.

A beautiful fjord, narrow valleys, an ancient settlement, historic hotel, and tiny village join us for this highly popular journey through spectacular Norwegian nature. {{? In autumn, we exploreHjrundfjord, hidden away in the Sunnmre Alps. Youre up in the mountains, Consider spending a night in Flm to make the trip more relaxing, Train from Myrdal to Flm (the famous Flm Railway), You get some time in Flm before the afternoon cruise, The Flm to Bergen cruise often has commentary and you do pass some genuinely pretty places. Bergen Ullensvang, 5 hours one-way cruise to the Ullensvang Hotel, Modalen cruise, full-day incl stop for lunch up in the end of the Fjord, Bergen Folgefonna Glacier full-day (yacht one-way, VIP car back), Bergen Hardangerfjord full-day cruise (combination VIP car + yacht), Lunch or Dinner cruise to Cornelius restaurant, the best seafood restaurant in Bergen.