an alternate universe where they went to canada and nothing bad happened actually. Ignacio Varga went out his way, choosing his own good death instead of being the plaything of other, more powerful individuals like hes been for so much of the series. Happy endings are in short supply in the world of Walter White. Jimmy is likewise loved. Picking up from Episode 2 and after escaping from the dicey motel where he was supposed to await further instruction from Mike Erhmantraut (Jonathan Banks), Nacho Varga (Michael Mando) is on the run from the Twins also known as Leonel and Marco Salamanca (Daniel Moncada and Luis Moncada). Manuel is the smart one and not an ass for refusing to give up the lifestyle that his son turned his back on in favor of drug money. All right? That's a very common and well portrayed behavior of a Mexican dad. Unfortunately, his attempts at escape end up entwining him in the world of crime. Why go through this? As we come to the end, we're back in the desert where the episode begins. Better Call Saul Season 6 Spoiler Guide Will Nacho Varga Die? The two begin drinking before Mike roughs up Nacho. If this is truly Mandos final performance in Better Call Saul, he goes out with a masterpiece. Still, there is something admirable in Nacho during his final days, when he accepts the inevitability of his end. So it should come as no surprise that Michael Ma is a main character in the final season. you may have the kind, sweet, business man killed in an act of cold-blooded revenge and absolutely shatter nachos heart.

He vaguely alluded to the danger, but he never sat him down and flat-out explained that there was no way he could get out without them both being brutally murdered even if he went to the police. But neither of them seems to fully appreciate the context we all-seeing viewers have for this decision. And in the end, Mike puts himself out there as an insurance policy for the plan. On Monday night's third episode of Better Call Saul's final season fans were left stunned after a major character first introduced in Season 1 took their own life in "Rock and a Hard Place." but you can not take them both from me, i swear to god i cant take it if they both die . Manuels Go to the police advice over and over was exhausting, and Nacho needing to jump through hoops to keep them alive looked miserable AF. His descent into the muck to avoid his killers is as symbolic as it is terrifying. But I had a faint bit of hope for Nacho Varga. Mike, visibly upset and exasperated by the request from Gus's final insult, reveals he will do it himself in his final act of kindness. At that moment, Nacho then puts the gun to his own temple and pulls the trigger, killing himself. What's going to happen the rest of this season if this is what's happening already on episode 3 ?! Among the many mysteries surrounding Better Call Sauls upcoming sixth season is whether or not Nacho Varga will die. But he can use his life, the value it still has, to protect the person he cares about most. Passing the phone to Mike, Mike then assures Nacho his father will be safe though when he asks how can he be so sure, Mike responds: "Anyone who goes after him is going to have to come through me.". Fans of the show are asking themselves the same question. After Kim puts her own scrupulousness on display, Suzanne shares the offer with her, with the idea that Jimmy might listen to her in a way he wouldnt listen to a prosecutor. Think about Skylar, Kim, even Jimmy - did things go well for them when they enabled their loved one? There will be justice.What you talk about is not justice. Are there any other characters who could die? If youve been wondering, Is Michael Mando in Breaking Bad? then youre not alone.

"breaking good," as Mando tells PopCulture exclusively, Is Nacho Varga Really Dead? After so long, so many missteps, Ignacio Varga seized control and went out on his own terms, if only within the limited options left for him. Halimah Kyrgios Religion: Parents And Family Is Brother Nick Kyrgios Adopted? Mikes two surrogate sons coming together, looking after each other the way he might have done himself. gif request meme: asked by @sonnycorleone, if I knew it all then Huell suggests that he himself takes these chances because he needs the funds. What you talk of is revenge. To be fair, Nacho never really leveled with him. Creative, flowing shots of the buildings stairwells, and the stop-and-start classical music soundtrack, makes a comparatively straightforward part of this plan seem like an urgent crisis-in-the-making. Forget this show, its just about a bunch of gangsters out for revenge. All he can do is hope that his death spares the man who warned of it. I get that Nacho was a drug dealer, but you do anything to help your kids. He realizes that, for once, he holds a rare power over Gus, rather than the other way around. I thought maybe, just maybe, he would find some way to get out. His journey can be summarized as that of a lost youngster. The two have a heartfelt conversation as Nacho is overcome with emotion. Mike, acknowledging the failed moment, gathers his things and walks off the hill. Gus meets with Nacho, who has been through the wringer and shares how Juan Bolsa (Javier Grajeda) will want to hear the truth straight from Nacho before the Salamancas get a hold of him, further threatening their methods take too long. Nacho and Manuel both did not want a life having to look over their shoulder all the time, Manuel made the right choices to not have to live like that, offered the same to his son. The inherent thrill lights both of their fires. Don't worry, we will see him suffering deserved pain of pride very soon. Entertainment Tonight. And for a good son like Nacho who wants to turn his back to a life of crime his father should have done anything Nacho had asked. He may have been a touch nobler, a touch younger and thus more excusable, than the psychos he worked for. We understand Nachos regret, his emptiness, his sense of being too trapped in this before he realized how far he had fallen. And then he is gone. BETTER CALL SAUL - S06E09 - Fun and Games. The call leaves Nacho in tears as he contemplates his next move. Gus makes good on the deal but Nacho says he is not the person he'd like to hear that promise from.

Hiding out until nightfall, Nacho begins his journey to town, where he is seen by a local mechanic trying to clean up. - April 26, 2022 09:04 am EDT, Three episodes in and Better Call Sauldelivered one of the more emotionally heartbreaking and shocking moments in its latest episode. Damn right old man! "You know what you have to do. Love and Ghosts.

Another son lost amid the plata y plomo. I think he showed a lot of love for his son, even though he couldn't accept being put in the situation Nacho's choices led to. And in the end, there werent enough of either left for Manuel Vargas little boy. Gordon Smith, people, Gordon f-ing Smith! Manuel telling Mike that revenge means nothing. The episodes that follows keep getting better and better everytime, like what ?! I disagree. A few years later, he secretly begins working with Mike Ehrmantraut, a lawyer who admires Nachos calm business approach.

@michaelmando: To love & to suffer, better than to never have loved at all #BetterCallSaul , i agree with him. It wouldnt work, though, without his similarly paternal bond with Mike. So he uses the last thing of his with any worth whatsoever his life. Weve seen him stab his partner, Gus, but hes never shown dying. If you look at it from his fathers perspective, his father tried to give him honest work and taught him to lead an honest life. He is the son of Manuel Varga and a close associate of Tuco Salamanca. DISNEY PLUS FILMING LOCATIONS EXPLORED, Will Ms Marvel Have An Episode 7, Release Date, Time And Kamala Khan MCU Future Explained, What time will Virgin River Season 4 air on Netflix? "You want the cartel to blame me for Lalo, but if the cartel catch me and make me talk, that is not good for you," he said. He doesnt have other options. Another existence snuffed out in the middle of the desert. Press J to jump to the feed.

His father is an idiot. Its possible that Nacho is still alive, but hell be in a body bag for some time. All episodes ofBetter Call Saulare available to stream on AMC+ and Netflix. Is Michael Ma really dead? Whats to be gained? Rather than simply announcing, as Fring insisted, that he was in league with Alvarez and paid off by rivals in Peru to sabotage the Salamancas, he takes it a step further. In this article, well explore the answer to that question and how much time passes before we learn if Nacho dies. But Ignacio didnt listen. Nacho, somber and reflective, adds he will be put down. However, he doesn't stop there and confesses how he would have done all the damage for free, opened "soulless pig" Lalo Salamanca's (Tony Dalton) gate and hates the Salamancas so much. However, his father isn't having any of it and tells him that the two have been through this many times before. Nacho is seen riding in the back of a van beside Mike, who is there for "insurance." His wife is a lawyer. Its a fools errand to wish for happy endings in the world of Better Call Saul. After all, it gives the characters a chance to regroup and play out the consequences of their major decisions. Gus's henchman Victor (Jeremiah Bitsui) approaches Mike, telling him that the boss thinks Nacho looks "too pretty" at the moment, implying Mike needs to make the capture of Nacho "look real" with a few bruises. And we are left to take comfort in precious few saving graces. His kindness (and cash) for a friendly mechanic who offers him help when he needs it and asks for nothing in return shows the decency within a troubled young man. imagine with me. Varga Familia scenes are specifically designed to hurt my heart. >.<). He simply wants to protect his dad. And then, with the weapon in hand, he decides to kill himself, rather than subject him to the Salamancas torture or other humiliating or excruciating ways to leave his world. While Better Call Saul has claimed the Best Show on TV award for several years now, the season six premiere felt more like a breather. While he couldn't save Nacho from the life he chose, he can only be there for him. and a bootleg locksmith use their combined skills to duplicate Howards car keys before his valet can catch wise. These are small blessings and minor comforts. Manuel not desiring to kill the people who killed his son while it was the first thing Mike did after his son was murdered. X) He literally directed and has written six, now seven (if my math is right) of the best episodes of Better Call Saul. With Nacho finally recovered and safe in the care of Mike for now he eats a meal quietly as if he were on death row in the dark with Mike sharing the plan, which includes a handover going down tomorrow. Suzanne frames it as an opportunity to do whats right after being steeped in something dirty. As much as I loved Nacho as a character he chose the life he led and his father didnt. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Though Nacho agrees he will, his father says "What else is there to say?" These shades of desperation, resignation, and self-immolation are virtuosic to the last. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For all his Not my call talk, Mike is a man of honor. Seeking refuge in an abandoned fuel tanker, Nacho has a close call to being caught after one of the Twins suspects him of hiding out in the abandoned tank. For more on the series and all your favorite AMC shows, keep it locked to for the latest. And yet, there was something recognizable in his fall and folly. This character has been a mainstay of the show since its inception. By Tania Hussain Thats a good thing, as Nachos past has made him untrustworthy. The sharpest thing Nacho does is leverage the value of whether hell tell the Salamancas the truth, or whether hell play along with Frings plan. Instead, Nacho is dead. manuel's reaction to nacho's death felt too subdued. Over the over, that story never goes well. would I do it again. Hell never have that chance to escape. As this would be the moment Nacho is supposed to run, instead he breaks the zip tie that binds his wrists with a piece of glass (seen previously at the beginning of the episode besides a bright blue desert flower). Mobile US users spent an average of 115.8 minutes on Tumblr app monthly. The shows finale will be a big one for fans, as the characters are still focused on survival after the attempted murder of Lalo. You wont have to worry about the Salamancas. Despite his efforts to escape his situation, Nacho becomes more involved in the criminal world. One of this shows great features is its ability to take the most mundane facets of these scams and ratchet up the tension. Because this is a tragedy. Will Resident Evil return on Netflix? Suzanne Ericsen, the prosecutor who once called Jimmy a scumbag, offers to let him turn states evidence. He seizes Don Bolsas gun and holds it to the mans head, giving Nacho another moments leverage. I need to know that he'll be safe." It turns out he palmed a piece of glass at the Fring compound, presumably from the cup Gus broke an episode ago.

He cannot change the reality of his death sentence. His grief, not just at never being able to see his father again, but at confirming Manuel Vargas worst fears about his son and his fate, is palpable. Nacho has been on the show for quite a while, and his journey can be summed up as that of a lost youngster trying to find his way in the world. As the van rolls in with Victor and Tyrus bringing Nacho out, Juan Bolsa says today is the day Nacho Varga is "going to die" as the career criminal is forced to his knees in the dirt under the hot sun. The only way this works for you is with me dead. Theres a lifeline though. It represents one of the couples smaller efforts, but theres a sufficient amount of tension in a scheme where Huell(!) The next call Nacho makes is to Mike who is facing a gun from Gus Fring's henchman, Tyrus Hitt (Ray Campbell). The wheelchair-bound Salamanca attempts to make one last and pointless action against Nacho as he shoots the body multiple times. Manuel Varga did the only good thing in that situation. He offers his services to Gus as a failsafe for his boss, but in his heart of hearts, hes there to ensure that Nacho doesnt have to suffer. Its unclear how his death will play into the series plotline, but many fans are anticipating his death. Their day is coming. For one brief moment, Nacho is not the pawn of these men. When Juan asks how this all played out, Nacho takes a deep breath and tells him he was on Alvarez's payroll for years. The sheer physicality Mando puts on display when Nacho buries himself in the sludge of an old tanker truck, the unspoken well of pain and regret pouring out of him when he hears his fathers voice one last time, the sheer vitriol on display when he curses the Salamancas and declares himself the author of all their pain. Will Nacho Varga die? Go to the police," Manuel says to him as Nacho begins crying. But quick-thinking Nacho submerges himself in the thick oily remnants, evading them. But he was still a bad guy doing bad things. and bids his son goodbye. His death is still a sad, terrible, regrettable thing. Like wow Oh this man will have one good resume for his next job! He laughs at the prospect of the chicken man being involved as a joke, further absolving Fring. Wouldnt that be nice? In 2002, after being introduced by Tuco to Jimmy, he hires Jimmy as his lawyer. Despite being a fan favorite, Nacho has been pushed to the sidelines of the show in recent seasons. In the sixth season of Better Call Saul, Nacho joins Gus and Hector in running the cartel operations in the US. With his final resting place marked by a broken zip tie and a bloodied shard of glass, Nacho is now free from the complexities of his choice as he rests among the blooming desert flowers. He, like so many in this incredibly talented cast, has deserved recognition for a long time now. And I was supposed to do my reviews for 1&2 and I haven't even started a draft for it! Nacho made the wrong choices, Manuel is not a bit of an idiot or an ass for refusing to get caught up in the constantly having to look over your shoulders nightmare of a life. 'Better Call Saul' Season 6, Episode 3 Recap, Everything Coming to Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Apple TV+, Amazon, Hulu and Peacock in July 2022, 'RHOA': Kenya Moore Insinuates Marlo Hampton Is Using Home Invasion For Publicity, 'Dancing With the Stars' Pros Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy React to Alfonso Ribeiro as Co-Host, 'This is Us' Star Lands New CBS Series After Final Season, ABC Hit Sitcom Gets Great News for Season Two, Netflix Updates Password Sharing Crackdown, 'SNL' Alum Kate McKinnon Explains Why She Exited Legendary Series, 'NCIS: Hawai'i: Vanessa Lachey Promises Fans 'Won't Be Disappointed' in Jane's Future (Exclusive). The only thing that was right about it was Mike's line: "Whatever happens next, it's not going to go down the way you think it is." XD I did not expect this. Theres a rapport between the two men, an understanding, a familial intimacy that adds to the solemn but spiritual air of all this. God help me, Michael Mando deserves an Emmy for this episode alone. With no way out, Nacho must keep his family safe. Its a valid question. Release date, trailer and more details explored. I think the dad should have clued in that Nacho was stuck and just took off with him somewhere for a fresh start. He also adds how Lalo deserved what they did to him and says, "And you know what else, Hector? I put you in that chair." And he sees someone who understands the lengths a father and son will go to protect one another. Nacho did so much to try and save both his father and himself; but, his father wouldnt budge and Nacho had no choice but to die. im having a lot of thoughts but am too sad to put them into words. The slightly raised eyebrows of Gus Fring reveal his quiet terror at the prospect that, with one word, Nacho could blow everything up. (Story of my life on Tumblr. But it is more complicated than that as there is unspoken grief guiding the former cop to the location. This show is something else. [Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Better Call Saul, Season 6, Episode 3]. And I said that for 1 & 2 as well!!! Nacho Varga is a career criminal, and was once the right hand man of Tuco Salamanca. It is, sadly, too late for Nacho.

Asking what he will reveal to the cartel members, Nacho shares his response with Mike instructing him as soon as it's done, he needs to run and Victor will handle the rest. Rock and Hard Place also advances Kim and Jimmys plan to undermine Howard. The scrunch of Mikes mouth when he knows Nachos gone shows his abject pain and disgust at this whole thing. BETTER CALL SAUL + favorite minor character | VARGAS & EHRMANTRAUTS It would be too much to call Nacho a good person. The Boys Season 3 Episode 7: How does A-Train survive his supposed death? The moment builds into an escalation of words that prompt Hector's mouth to twist with a powerless rage as Gus doesn't say a word as Nacho shouts, "You were dead and buried and I had to watch this ahole bring you back. The upcoming episode opens with a flash-forward scene where he is driving his pickup truck into another vehicle. Exit ramps are rare. He is a member of the Salamanca family and is a close friend of Tuco. The only way a promise from a snake like Gus means anything to Ignacio is that it comes backed by Mr. Ehrmantrauts promise. The new season of the hit legal drama will return after its season five finale. At least for me it was very understandable but maybe because I've been around that kind of mentality my whole life. Beforehand, they share that drink together, an acknowledgment of mutual respect and care. Its clever, proving his worth even in his final moments, giving Fring everything he could possibly want to throw the heat off of him, in the hopes that it will convince the crime lord to keep his word and spare Nachos father. BCS proving me wrong once again. So why keep at it? Kim frames it as a choice between being a friend of the cartel or a rat. Holy moly That was an amazing tribute to a character. This is a grim, unusually sentimental experience for all, made that much more forceful by how Better Call Saul underplays it. Except, when the time comes, Nacho goes off script. It isn't a happy ending for Nacho but it is one he is able to own after all the choices he had made. Asking Mike to let him talk to Gus, Nacho threatens the Los Pollos Hermanos boss in the realization he was never supposed to leave Mexico, saying Gus is "so screwed" after everything he has tried to scheme while attempting to use Nacho as a lackey. He could leave this life behind and start again with his father by his side. With the individual offering his assistance, Nacho asks to use the phone where he then calls his father, Manuel Varga (Juan Carlos Cantu). Much to his hesitation, Mike asks Gus if he can be present during the event, saying there are a "lot of ways this can go south.". She pieces together not only the real deal with Lalo, but how Jimmy didnt want to be the cartels lawyer. Theyre all the same. After being discovered by the Salamanca twins, Nacho will probably die in season six.